Laminate Counterop Evaluation

What is a laminate? A laminate is made from layers of resin-coated brown paper that are squeezed in under a high heat and pressure. The upper layer is a colored paper that has been enclosed with hard plastic. With this, the result is a hard and durable material that is easy to clean, water resistant and very easy on the pocket. When also squeezed in under heat and pressure, it can be shaped easily with round edges.

In buying or choosing a laminated countertop, these things should be considered. First, give it a scratch test. Better do tests run with the use of a knife and see if it will wear out. Though laminated countertops are sturdy, sometimes we cannot avoid scratches. Scratches usually have a tendency to be light colored that makes it more visible than the dark colors and is very unworkable to put out of sight. If one like deep colors, it is better to choose a countertop that has patterns to avoid scratches to be visible. Do a scratch test by dragging a knife on it and make sure the scratches are not seen. Next is to learn how to choose the correct color core of the laminate.
Laminate countertops come in different colors and patterns that are confusing when a person is thinking of buying one. That is why making a decision on the store is not a good thing to do because a person will just end up cramming on what kind of laminated countertop to buy. It is better to do a research on three different countertops that you like. Find something that will bend with the cabinets, sinks and the design of the kitchen. Also make sure that the store sells both small and large chips.

Also ask if they offer customizing where one can paint it to match the set of the kitchen. If a person wanted to have interesting colors or patterns. To make certain that one has chosen the best laminated countertop, go to a kitchen retailer and take a look on different colors and patterns. Also try to visit kitchen countertop manufacturers found online. Laminated countertops come in different edge treatments as well. Most used is the post-formed where the top is shaped by a single piece of laminate. Because this was made from a single piece, there are no seams and no corners. This makes it very much easier to clean since dirt cannot thrive on the edges. Some manufacturers also create countertops with an elevated edge to avoid spills from running. One will surely not worry on finding the right countertop from him or her since these countertops can be found in different sizes and shapes.
Laminated countertops are made in different finishes and coatings from different materials. Laminated countertops are either sculpted or have irregular surfaces that can be easily cleaned using a brush to remove dirt that tends to hide. Also use a mild glass cleaner solution and wipe the countertop regularly with it to keep the finish intact.