Formica Countertops: Stains and Remedies

Kitchen countertops are essential surfaces in the cooking area. These are counters where food is prepared to perfection. Kitchen countertops are traditionally made of granite, or cement, but because of the high costs of the materials used, many families have now turned to laminated formica sheets for use. These sheets are often called formica sheets because the Formica company produces the best known laminated sheets in the world. Formica laminates are the product choice for many professional home decorators and interior designers because of the wonderful life-like finish it produces. Laminated sheets can be made to resemble any material available in the market-be it wood, cement, granite or even metal. The finish on the sheets can also be buffed into a shiny polish or be made too look matte for a grungier, lived-in feel.

Formica countertops are also known for their durability. With proper care, and frequent maintenance, it can last for several years or decades. Ensuring that it maintains its; wonderful finish can be challenging. The natural enemies of formica sheets are heat, wear and tear, moisture, and excessive force. It can take a while for signs of use to show if you know how to polish the top properly. When washing the surface, always make it a point to use a soft cloth. Rough generic rags can leave miniscule scratches on the surface that can eventually leave it looking rather dull. When wiping the surface, never use a rag that is soaking wet, excess moisture can leave watermarks or seep into the plastic laminate, dislodging the glue holding it in place. The rag must be mildly damp and the water should be mildly warm to easily remove dust and grime. Microfiber cloth is a very good choice for wiping kitchen countertops s it soaks up excess moisture, dries easily and never seems to get sopping wet.

Stains are hard to remove, but not impossible. Never wait too long to remove a stain as it will lodge itself firmly the longer you try to take it off. Ink stains are easily removed with a warm damp cloth and laminate safe detergent. Slowly wipe the area clean and follow it with a dry cloth so it can air dry faster. Home owners usually wax the formica sheets to restore shine, but it is highly recommended that you do not wax laminated sheets where food is prepared. The chemicals found in the wax are not safe once it enters the food. The hardest stains to remove are scorch marks on the countertop left by anything hot. The scorch marks can look very serious, but you can still remove them if you start early. Surprisingly, the most common remedy for those blackened marks is toothpaste. White generic toothpaste can be applied on the entire mark for 15 minutes and scrubbed gently with a toothbrush.