Corian Countertops are Great!

Corian countertops are extraordinary to look at. This is possibly due to the fact that a corians have no visible seams. A person couldn’t believe how attractive corian countertops look the first time they saw it. The greatest feature of this countertop is the absence of seams and it can be joined together with different sink units. Corian countertops come in different colors and textures. There is now more than a hundred of different corian design and this will definitely increase as time passes. Surely there will be one that will fit your kitchen design.

Corian countertops are not only pleasing to look at and they are also highly efficient and functional. It has a durable and sturdy surface and is difficult to scratch. But if there are scratches, it can be removed by using a cleaning pad by polishing it with a cleaning solution. Corian countertops are non-toxic which can be very hygienic wherein germs cannot thrive on the countertop.  Since corian countertops are made with no visible seams, germs cannot build up on the edges.

These countertops are available in different layouts that are suited to a modern kitchen and for the traditional ones also. This will also be a great central point of a kitchen and has a huge range of flexibility from colors and textures. The only disadvantage of the corian countertop is that it is expensive. A lot of people refused having this kind of countertop because they cannot afford it. This countertop is the most expensive than any other countertops. But for those who can afford it, they never missed out on choosing corian countertops. The right balance of beauty and high quality makes everything perfect.
One of the most significant steps in maintaining Corian countertops is by cleaning and disinfecting it. For regular cleaning, a warm soapy solution is used by mixing mild dishwashing agent and warm water. Rup the surface of the sponge dipped in the soapy water solution. Rinse it after with sponge and plain water. Once cleaning is done, wipe off excess water using a dry soft cloth. If residues are not removed, it will appear on the surface of the countertop making it look dull.

Baking soda is also a natural cleanse that is used for cleaning. What a person needs to do is to spray a moderate amount of baking soda all over the counter. Spray it after with warm water and rub he sponge on it to spread the powder equally. Let it sit in for ten minutes. After which wipe it using a wet cloth and let it dry. Corian countertops also tend to get blotches and stains due to the residue left for a while. In getting rid of this, use a cleaning product that is for corian surface. Spray this solution on the spot and leave it for an hour. Wipe it off by using a dry towel and apply pressure to remove the blotches. These countertops should be disinfected once a week to keep it germ free. Just mix bleach and water to make a solution. Spray it on the surface, wipe it and clean it out using water.