Butcher Block Countertops in your Home

Butcher block countertops are a great accessory in any kitchen that not only look great but are sanitary, durable and an inexpensive countertop material for any kitchen. They were originally used by butchers to cut their meat on. Butcher block countertops are a good choice for people who love cooking like chefs. They are perfect for anyone who finds wood appealing to have in their kitchen. These butcher blocks are made to last for a lifetime. They are made strong and thick to withstand any force and they will never go out of style.

Butcher block countertops consist of thick hardwood strips that are put together by glue. They are usually made from maple, oak, cherry and walnut materials. These materials give the blocks a solid structure and surface. Almost all types of wood can be made into a butcher block depending on the taste of the owner. The important thing there is that the wood should be hard enough to make the butcher top durable.
One thing to consider when choosing a butcher block countertop is if you plan on using the surface for cutting your food. The blocks actually come in two types, one is for food preparation and the other one is just for display purposes. It is very important to know the difference between the two before deciding to buy a butcher block countertop.
Butcher block countertops that are unfinished or oil-finished are perfect for cutting and slicing. The application of oil in the wood protects it from wearing. For smoothing down the scratches and nicks, you can use a sander to maintain the texture of your butcher block’s surface. You can also rub off the stains in your butcher block countertop. Pure mineral oil can make your countertop look like it’s new. However, it is not advised that you position your unsealed countertops near the sink because excessive water can make them black.
On the contrary, a sealed butcher block countertop is easier to maintain than unsealed one. But this type of butcher block cannot be used for chopping your meat. Cutting tools like your knives can cause damage to the surface. They cannot be sanded away but the advantage of having sealed butcher block countertops is that they are water resistant. They also maintain their color and appearance for a long period of time. Butcher block countertops are a kitchen must-have. If you love cooking then you must consider having one installed in your kitchen. They can function as décor or you can make use of them in cutting your meat.
What makes butcher block countertops very convenient is that they can be refinished. Any damages done can be easily rubbed away. They also do not require any special treatment for cleaning and maintenance. Even the sealed ones can be refinished to give them a brand new look. They also make your kitchen look attractive and they make your food preparation easy and fast. Butcher block countertops are humble pieces of material that are both durable and versatile. If you take good care of your butcher block countertops they can last for generations.