Beautiful Stained Concrete as Countertops

People are now becoming more hooked up on having a concrete countertop because of its versatility.  What is concrete? Concrete is a mixture of cement, water and other chemicals that makes it durable but also porous. Manufacturers of concrete countertops apply sealer to seal the concrete and protecting it from any damages. The sealant used penetrates into the concrete making it also water resistant. So, what are the benefits of buying a concrete countertop? First, the properties of concrete are what make the countertop sturdy. Concrete countertops cost lesser than those prices of countertops made from stones like granite. Concrete countertops will surely be an exquisite addition to your homes and somehow these countertops can really help out in making life easier. One of the biggest benefits of this countertop is its strength. Concrete countertops can surely assure a person that it is a countertop which is strong enough and can resist any possible damages like cracking or scratching and a lot more. When these countertops are take care of, it can really last for 20 years up to a lifetime without any replacements.

Concrete alone may not be resistant to stains but the sealants that were placed can protect the countertop by acting as a wall or barrier to prevent any foods or liquids to cause any staining on the surface of the countertop.  The sealant applied is thick enough to cover the surface and reapply the sealant every two weeks to a month to make sure that the sealants remain. Concrete countertops are also heat resistant. Heat will really cause the protective sealant to be damaged. Any damage to it can place the concrete countertop is greater chances of getting damaged as well. It will be more vulnerable to stains or even scratches. Concrete countertop comes in different styles and colors, some of which resemble corian, marble and even granite countertops, to choose from. Surely with these options, one can find the perfect concrete countertop that will fit her preference and can go with the design or layout of the kitchen. Some manufacturers can create this kind of countertop that can resemble a natural stone or can be colored with pigments to make it look more appealing. Some also gives the option on different edging styles to compliment the decor.
Here are the following tips one has to follow in taking good care of a concrete countertop. First, do not forget to use cutting boards in slicing foods. Yes, concrete is a scratch resistant item but the sealant that protects it can be tear down when knife is used directly on the surface. Second is to avoid putting anything hot on it for the same reason that the sealant may be damaged. Third, spills should be wiped away immediately to prevent any discoloration. Liquids with high acidity levels can cause etching on the surface when they remain for a long time. Use a damp cloth when wiping the spills. A lot of neutral pH solutions can be bought for every day cleaning and maintenance. Always wash the countertop and make it dry.