5 Modern Design Trends for Homes

Opting for the right design for your house is a task that requires your complete preoccupation, because there are numerous trends that appear every day and you have to choose specifically the one that corresponds to your preferences. It might be a little complicated to take the correct decision in this regard, but you need only to do some research in order to determine which one will be the right option for your home and which one will make your life more comfortable, as well.

Out of 175 people who took a survey for their favorite design features in a home, the following 5 results were at the top of 80% of these individuals priority list. All results were based on preferences in northern western and southern parts of the USA.

1. At the present moment, Moroccan poufs are very popular among people, because they have numerous advantages and a great aspect, as well. You can place them wherever you want, starting from your living room to the bedroom – their main purpose is enhancing the comfort of your chairs and improving the design of your home. Fortunately, you will be able to find a large variety of models, patterns and color available, each of them offering you various possibilities, along with a convenient cost that will fit your budget perfectly.

2. The mid century modern wallpaper is a design trend that has fallen in favor recently, because many people choose to bring novelty and uniqueness to their homes using it. This wallpaper is available in a great number of different colors, color combinations and patterns, so you can opt specifically for the one that will suit your house best. From simple to textured patterns, the mid century modern wallpapers will be an extraordinary acquisition for your home, offering you the opportunity to enhance its appearance at a great deal.

3. Adding butterflies to your rooms is surely an excellent way to enhance the design of your home. Starting with little girls’ rooms to sophisticated bedrooms or living rooms, butterflies can be placed anywhere: on the curtains, on the wall, on the linens, etc. As long as you choose the colors that are appropriate for the rest of your home, the result will be surprising for sure.

4. Woods wallpapers have become some of the most modern design trends nowadays and their most remarkable advantage is that you can place them in any room you want, because they will always suit any decoration style. A simple, symmetrical and classic woods wallpaper will flatter any room extremely well and will bring freshness to your home at the same time.

5. Last but not least, mid century starburst mirrors will be the piece de resistance of your home, because they will certainly bring novelty and modernism to your life. You will find these mirrors in many people’s houses, because they have become a famous modern design trend and its popularity is continuously increasing. You can place it in your room or your living room and you are free to opt for the style you like most, so you can enhance the look of your home.